What is Bauer Global Brigades? 

Bauer Global Brigades is a student organization at the University of Houston that provides a unique volunteer experience geared towards business. You get real world experience while also making a change in someone’s life.

Is it mandatory to be a UH Student in order to attend a brigade?

Anyone can go on a brigade! Our chapter is targeted toward UH students but we welcome anyone who wants to help our cause as long as they stay active in our organization.

Do I have to be a Business Major?

We welcome ALL majors! Brigades are a great learning experience and very eye-opening for anyone in ANY field.

Is there a membership fee?

The membership fee is $50 for a year and $30 for a semester. The membership fee helps to pay for any chapter expenses including food & drinks for meetings and activities.

Is the trip safe? 

Global Brigades goes to great lengths to ensure optimum safety in the countries we visit. A part of the cost of the trip goes to ensuring security and medical personnel, as well as securing a safe compound.

What is the cost? 

From previous Brigades to Panama, each member should budget $1,500 for the Program fee + airfare.

What does your program fee consist of?

The Program fee amount goes toward the logistics of the trip including the staff (security, drivers, translators, coordinators, and medical personnel), food, housing, etc.

Is there any fundraising?

YES. We have two main fundraising avenues. One is our bake sales that happen throughout the year. Most of this will be going towards the $1,500 chapter fee Bauer Global Brigades must pay to go on the trip. Anything that is left over will go to students going on the trip.

The second fundraising opportunity is through Aramark. Each volunteer who goes to an Aramark event will receive $65 that will be used directly to fund the person’s trip. Each volunteer will sign a contract stating that the $65 belongs to BGB if the person does not go on the trip.

Do I need to know Spanish to go on Brigade?

No! It is not required to know Spanish upon acceptance to the program; however, having a background in Spanish is extremely helpful. Global Brigades provides Spanish materials with common phrases used on Brigade.

Where will we be going/staying? The 2018-2019 trip will be going to Panama.

Will I be safe on this trip?Panama is one of the safest travel destinations in Central America. Brigaders will stay in groups throughout the trip and will be accompanied by Global Brigades staff at all times. Global Brigades provides transportation in-country and security on the compound. Travel insurance is included in the cost of the trip.


Will I need a passport?

Yes, since we will be travelling to a foreign country, a passport is required. All students going on the trip must have a passport that is valid for at least an additional two months at the time of departure.